IIIlllIIIll The i’s and L’s of typography.

good things to remember if you’re designing a typeface

The Mind of a Sane Mad Man

You know what I really strongly dislike with the fiery burning passion of ten thousand exploding super nova suns? The fact that some people who develop type face think it’s funny to make the i’s and l’s look exactly the same.

The whole point of type face is to be creative and show design in a way that most people don’t look at unless it’s REALLY bad. Yes, I am looking at you comic sans, bravo. Back on topic even comic sans can look good. HOWEVER people have no idea how to use it. So what makes a type face good? Well for starters all your letters both capital and lower-case must look different. Otherwise that makes you look lazy and unoriginal. How original is it to make your capital i’s and lower-case l’s a straight line? Were is the pizazz! The spark! The wonder! It’s GONE! That’s where. What…

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