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All Purpose Home Made Citrus Cleaner Recipe – Just In Time For Spring Cleaning!

Gonna try this.

Old World Garden Farms

I have never been so happy to begin spring cleaning!  It has been a long, drawn out winter, but with Spring officially arriving this week, it is time to freshen up the house by getting rid of winter’s hold.

Orange peels in white vinegar - the perfect cleaning solution! Orange peels in white vinegar – the perfect cleaning solution!

In our effort to become more self-sufficient, we have given up using traditional household cleaners and have converted to a greener method for cleaning.  We have all heard of throwing orange peels down your garbage disposal to clean out the drain and to make it smell better. We have also heard of vinegar being used as an all purpose cleaner for your home, but many people avoid it because of the odor that it leaves. But have you considered combining those two concepts to use those orange peels in your home made cleaner?

The orange scented vinegar is safe, effective, and…

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Wandering Heart

My sweet niece doing what she does best!

Dreaming with Eyes Open

Yesterday I got a call from an unknown number. I very rarely answer these calls, mainly cause it takes me back to junior high and I expect someone on the other end to ask if my refrigerator is running. But, I answered it and I heard sweet words that I had been praying to hear, “Hi is this Abby? This is (i forgot his name) calling from YWAM in Kona Hawaii.”

Days before I had been crying outside in my back yard sitting by the fire because I was so stressed and beat down by life. Just from one thing to another is what it felt like. I had applied for this program 2 months before and felt my chances of getting in were gone. I was sad about it because not only is it a place I want to go, it is time I felt like I needed so…

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Building Our Hoop House/Greenhouse – Creating A Strong, Attractive AND Inexpensive Growing House

nice, inexpensive idea for a hoop house/greenhouse

Old World Garden Farms

One of the best ways to extend your growing season is with a hoop house/greenhouse. It helps to extend both the spring and fall growing seasons, allowing you to grow fresh vegetables nearly year round. In addition, it can be used to finish growing and hardening off vegetable and flower plantings that we start from seed each year in the early spring.

When it comes to DIY plans – a large majority of the commercial kits simply look flimsy and unattractive. Those that are a little more pleasing to the eye unfortunately also seem to cost a small fortune!

So with the goal of building an attractive and yet inexpensive hoop house – we set about designing one that can use a mix of recycled and reclaimed materials, along with some unique new ones. We want it to be more of a permanent structure – much like a greenhouse would be – minus the high cost.

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IIIlllIIIll The i’s and L’s of typography.

good things to remember if you’re designing a typeface

The Mind of a Sane Mad Man

You know what I really strongly dislike with the fiery burning passion of ten thousand exploding super nova suns? The fact that some people who develop type face think it’s funny to make the i’s and l’s look exactly the same.

The whole point of type face is to be creative and show design in a way that most people don’t look at unless it’s REALLY bad. Yes, I am looking at you comic sans, bravo. Back on topic even comic sans can look good. HOWEVER people have no idea how to use it. So what makes a type face good? Well for starters all your letters both capital and lower-case must look different. Otherwise that makes you look lazy and unoriginal. How original is it to make your capital i’s and lower-case l’s a straight line? Were is the pizazz! The spark! The wonder! It’s GONE! That’s where. What…

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How To Build The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2….The Stake-A-Cage

cool and cheap tomato stakes

Old World Garden Farms

You may chuckle at the name – but “Stake-A-Cage” really is the best way to describe the trellis system we came up with a few years ago to effectively and  inexpensively tie up our tomatoes and peppers.  We get a lot of questions about it on the blog – so we thought today we would explain it in detail, along with details at the end of the post on how to make your own.

A few years back, with the garden planted, and about 45 tomato plants growing quicker than we imagined – we knew we needed to give them support and fast! After suffering sticker shock at the prices of tomato cages and stakes in the store, we decided to see what we could come up with ourselves.

We had some left-over welded wire fencing from building the outdoor run for the chicken coop, along with wooden stakes…

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Why keeping up with old friends matters (via sara rasmussen)

Why keeping up with old friends matters I am terrible at long-distance relationships. Of any kind. Many can attest to this. But I really want to get better at staying in touch. Sure, everybody says that. But seriously, I do. Why? Because it can open new and amazing opportunities like nobody's business. Because it builds and strengthens the network of people you can count on. Because it's a great testament to the wonders of humanity. Because it makes you look like a good person. Because … Read More

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