Why keeping up with old friends matters (via sara rasmussen)

Why keeping up with old friends matters I am terrible at long-distance relationships. Of any kind. Many can attest to this. But I really want to get better at staying in touch. Sure, everybody says that. But seriously, I do. Why? Because it can open new and amazing opportunities like nobody's business. Because it builds and strengthens the network of people you can count on. Because it's a great testament to the wonders of humanity. Because it makes you look like a good person. Because … Read More

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Jetpack to the WP.com Cloud (via Jetpack)

Pretty sweet implementation of the various features of Jetpack for WordPress. Glad it’s available to self hosted blogs too.

Jetpack to the WP.com Cloud No one really gets the distinction between the two things called WordPress at first, the dot-com and the dot-org. On dot-com in just a few clicks you're set up on a web-scale centralized platform that constantly gets new upgrades and features. And you never have to worry about it because it’s completely hassle-free and completely supported by our happiness team. On dot-org you sign up and host your blog with a hosting company and you get complete … Read More

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